The Next Chapter!

Ahoy friends!  I am so glad you’ve taken some time out of your day to hang with me, here… on the interwebs!  It has been a while since I’ve created content for a blog or vlog, but after a little soul searching, I feel that it’s time to get back to doing something I really love to do!  Posting content online is NOTHING new to me, various times over the years I’ve made videos or written blog posts about my life or things that were important to me.  I’ve come to realize I miss this format for connecting with others, so I’m looking at this as a fresh start, the next chapter!

First, an introduction!

Hi, I’m Kalynn.  I live in rural Manitoba, Canada, with my *chokes back tears* kindergartener, Arthur (affectionately known as Arthurbear or Bear) and my husband, Taylor (affectionately known as…. Taylor).  I love funky glasses and comfy clothes.  Traveling is my favourite, and road trips are the best!  I am also the Director of the local Nursery School, so you may occasionally get a behind the scenes look at what I’m planning for my class!  I’ve been on a long journey to accept myself and love my body, as it is!  In this process I have agreed to do just about anything “for the ‘gram”!  and can say that it is very freeing experience to be willing to fall on my face on a public platform! So far, luckily, no scaring has occurred. 😉

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 6.10.22 PM

As for the why and what I’m planning for this space on the world wide web… I am creating community!   Through lots of experiences in the past 2.5 years, I’ve discovered a deep love for social media and connecting with others, even from a distance.  By sharing my experiences and dreams, I’ve built connections with so many people, including those, I have only ever “met” online.  Living in such a sparsely populated area, I have to get creative in order to find my “village”.  Life can get messy, parenting is hard and hilarious, throw in: working, traveling, and otherwise existing it all is much more fun and we feel much more supported when it’s done in community!

That’s what I want from this blog.  I want to share my stories and experiences with you, and in turn, hear your stories and experiences, learning from one another.  I’m certainly no expert in any area, I wouldn’t claim to be!  That said, I have learned so much from trial and error, and even more from my friends and family, that I hope that one day, when you’re making that kick ass bowl of guacamole or feeling confident enough to try a bold lipstick colour for the first time, you can say, “Kalynn told me to do it!” and you won’t regret a thing!

Love ya,





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